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"Wow! This stuff really works! Ok, yeah, same story. Some lady came to my house selling cleaning products. I have tons of kids running through my house (busy neighborhood). My beige carpet is always filthy, but on top of that, our old carpet had black stains. She swore that the 2Ox would remove the stain, so I bought the cleaner. Oh my gosh! I started with one spot, then with another one. I sprayed a couple of concentrated 20x and let it sit for five minutes, then cleaned with a damp cloth. Wow! It removed my 10-year-old stains. I had previously hired a professional cleaning company, and they could not pick up the spots. I will definitely be ordering more of this stuff. I am sold!"

"My kitchen drain was clogged and the sink was full of standing water. The clog remained for about a week and nothing worked! I really needed to avoid calling a plumber, and I spied my ADVANAGE 20X with my cleaning supplies. 'Nothing to lose', I thought, so I poured a healthy bit of ADVANAGE 20X down the drain. As soon as I poured it into the sink full of motionless water, the water started draining rapidly. That was last night, and this morning, all is still running clear. This product is Wonderful! I will be ordering more. It is great for cleaning everything."

"I use it for about everything. Some website shows ADVANAGE is scam door-to-door sales, maybe because it's door-to-door and product is pricey. I own and operate limo. I've used many different window cleaners in many years. Also, I use different type of detergent mix for drinking glasses (inside of limo).

"I mix with one cap of ADVANAGE, one shot of cheap vodka, and water to regular size spray bottle for windows and drinking glasses (Rock glasses, wine glasses, champagne flute). One cap of ADVANAGE works better than Windex™, Turtle™ window cleaner, or Raindrop™ window cleaner. Cost of filling up ADVANAGE to my empty spray bottle maybe just dollar or less, because I use only one or two caps of ADVANAGE.

"I love this not because cost effectiveness, but it's best product I've used. It saves my time to wipe whole limo, windows, and glasses in and out. Nothing sticks after you wipe windows with it, just like waxed car body (I've never try to use it for car body, but maybe works). I also use different mixture ratio for carpet, home kitchen, garage floor, cabinet, and furniture.

"Maybe you think $40 is too much. I honestly felt that way too. Now I have three bottles of ADVANAGE in my storage. It's sold only door-to-door and I buy them whenever they come to my door. But, my first bottle is still not empty yet (everyday use, for 2 years). Spray bottle mix with ADVANAGE in my limo, kitchen, personal cars, garage, and everywhere. Give it try."

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