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New Challenge Products, Inc.

New Challenge Products, Inc. is a Master Distributor for Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. The company sells ADVANAGE products directly to residential and commercial customers via its traveling, door-to-door sales operation. The company also sells ADVANAGE products over the Internet via its own website,

For its door-to-door business, the company recruits and hires young women and men who have grown up in the poorer inner cities of America. New Challenge gives them a job, trains them, and helps them make money and become contributing citizens.

New Challenge Products, Inc.
16615 South Haisted St
Harvey, IL 60426
Tel: (708) 331-8739

In addition, the company provides its top performers with career paths which include sales management, distribution arrangements, and home office positions. In all, New Challenge is an equal opportunity employer and a champion for helping young Americans struggling with poverty, poor schools, crime, and joblessness.

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