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It will clean anything and fast. The 5:1 dilution is perfect for auto detailing and
cleaning grease (so fast!). The 10:1 is my go-to shower spray for soap scum”

Advanage Diversified Products, Inc. invented, manufactures, and markets its proprietary ADVANAGE Wonder Cleaner. It has proven to be a superb, extraordinary multipurpose cleaner.

There is nothing like it. It is one of a kind. Its proprietary surfactant/emulsion agent powers it through the most difficult, stains leaving no residual stains on the surface or the cleaning utensils.

It cleans everything. It has hundreds of uses. It is made in the USA.

In Independent Laboratory tests, it scored 96% in cleaning effectiveness vs. 86% for the leading retail brand. Independent testing also revealed it exceeded the FDA’s 70% standard for Ready Biodegradability by 7.6%.

Environmentally friendly. Phosphate free. Super concentrated. Affordable.

Ready-to-Use Quarts20X Quarts. 32 Ounces. Super Concentrated. Add water, and one Quart makes 20 Ready-to-Use Quarts.

128 Ounces Gallons 20X Gallons. 128 Ounces. Save big when you buy by the gallon, Super concentrated. Just add water.

Ready-to-Use Gallons 128 Ounces Ready-to-Use Gallons. 128 Ounces. Citrus. Not a concentrate. No mixing required—industrial strength.


Citrus 20X. It works well on hard water stains, difficult oil and grease stains, and oxidation—our most popular product for commercial applications.

Green Apple 20X. Removes mildew, mold, and bug stains from trucks and cars. Excellent for pet stains, bathrooms, kitchens and automobile exteriors and interiors.

Lavender. It leaves a fresh aroma. Ideal for restrooms, office buildings, locker rooms, and lodging establishments. Emulsifies soap scum, grease, and grime.

Clear. Fragrance-free. Ideal for carpets, floors, painted surfaces, and walls with ink, crayon, and pencil stains. Use lighter color fabrics and carpets.


Application Water to 20x
Carpets, Walls, Laundry, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Tile 20 to 1
Heel Marks, Food Stains, Spots, Shower Stalls, Mold 10 to 1
Tar, Tires, Hard-Water Spots, Tough Carpet Stains 7 to 1
Grills, Oil, Ovens, Rust, 3-5 to 1
Floor Wax, Ring around the Collar, Oxidation 2 to 1
Grease, Sinks, Pipes, Sewer, Septic Tanks 1 to 1
Windows, Glass, two caps full of 20X to… 1 quart of water
ADVANAGE’s incredible performance does not come at the expense of our environment. By using the latest technologies and green raw materials, we’re meeting our commitment to leave this planet a safe and healthy place for future generations.